Pea sticks

Pea sticks

Out of stock for 2017/18

Pea sticks are broad flat sprays of twiggy material. They are an attractive support for growing peas and other scrambling plants and a great sustainable alternative to the plastic netting.

Our pea sticks come in two sizes:

King pea sticks:

  • £8 for a bundle of 10
  • 4-6ft (1.2-1.8m) tall and 2-4ft (0.6-1.2m) wide
  • Best for tall pea varieties like 'Alderman' and 'Telephone'

Queen pea sticks:

  • £8 for a bundle of 20
  • 3-4ft (0.9-1.2m) tall and 2ft (0.6m) wide
  • Suitable for standard pea varieties

Spaced about 12 inches (30cm) apart 10 king pea sticks will give you a good dense framework for your peas along a 15ft (3m) row.

Tip: If want to walk along beside the row your peas are in insert the peasticks leaning away from the path to keep the tops from getting in your face

Pea sticks Pea sticks Pea sticks