Hazel hurdles and fencing

Hazel hurdles

Woven hazel hurdle

Wattle hurdles are a type of fencing made from split and woven hazel. They were traditionally used to pen sheep, but these days you are far more likely to find them in a garden setting as fencing panels or screens or, perhaps as a frame for climbing plants.

A standard hazel hurdle is 6' (1.8m) long and costs £18 per foot in height. Other sizes can be made to order; as ever, please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Brian Williamson at West Country Coppice has some very good advice on buying hurdles.

Continuous weave hazel fencing

Wall-mounted woven hazel fencing

Continuous weave fencing is another form of wattle fencing. It is also made of split and woven hazel but with continuous weave fencing there are no joins, giving one flowing fence line.

This kind of woven fencing is particularly suited to awkward, undulating sites where square panels don't quite fit.

Continuous weave fences require building in-situ with prices around £5/square foot (£53/m2) depending on location, complexity, access and groundwork required.



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