Gate hurdles

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Gate hurdles are a form of temporary, movable fencing made from split, or riven, logs. There is almost no end to the variations in which they can be produced in terms of length, height, number of rails and the pattern of the cross-supports. They can be supplied rough/shaved, bark on/off as required.

While Chestnut is best for longevity, I typically make gate hurdles from ash or hazel which means that, un-treated, the uprights will not last more than a few years if left in the ground permanently. I use them in my own garden to keep the chickens off of the vegetable patches while there are young, tender or tasty plants in need of protection. Treated with a preservative and/or lifted and stored in the dry over winter you should expect many years of service from them.

Prices are as varied as the designs but the following should provide a rough guide:


Other sizes are available, please contact me for a quote.