British lumpwood BBQ charcoal

A bag of Rivenwood Coppice British lumpwood BBQ charcoal

£8 per bag (approximately 3kg)

For larger orders, or local collection or delivery, please contact me to order.

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Price including P&P

Locally made British Charcoal not only cuts the carbon costs of filling your BBQ, it also lights more easily, heats up quicker and burns hotter than typical shop-bought charcoal.

No need for fire lighters or petrol products to taint your food and you'll need less than you may be used to, so a bag goes further, too.

The UK uses some 60,000 tonnes of charcoal each year - mainly for the BBQ market. The vast majority of this, approximately 95%, is imported from overseas: areas such as China, Africa and South America. At the same time we have 1000s of acres of overstood woodland standing unused, much of which would produce even higher quality charcoal than that which we are importing.