Biochar / horticultural charcoal

Small pieces of charcoal

£5 per bag (approximately 5kg).
£50 per bulk bag (approximately 100kg).

Small pieces of charcoal - from 15mm down to dust - made from coppiced British hardwoods.

Supplied "raw". For use as a soil amendment it is recommended to "pre-charge" the charcoal with nutrients and moisture, either by mixing it into your compost heap at the same time as other materials, or by soaking it together with compost and/or your preferred plant food for a week or two.

What is biochar?

The British Biochar Foundation describes biochar as

"Charcoal made in modern technology, from sustainable resources and used for any purpose that doesn't result in it breaking down rapidly back into CO2."

Locally produced charcoal made from coppice in a modern retort certainly fits the first two points, and there are 55 uses of biochar and counting that you might choose to put it to.