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Rivenwood Coppice shop at Blue House Yard

Stop by the workshop at The Blue House Yard, just a few hundred yards from Wood Green tube station.

Open by appointment

Blue House Yard
N22 7TB

How to order sticks

There are many more uses for sticks than those I list on the website, but sticks come in all shapes and sizes and not every stick is fit for every purpose.

If you simply want beanpoles for growing beans up, please tell me how many and where to.

If you want something the same size as a beanpole, but for a completely different purpose, let me know how you intend to use it and I'll do my best to give you suitable sticks.

I can deliver within reasonable distances - and unreasonable ones, if I happen to be passing that way! The key piece of information is where you want them delivered to.

If you have specific requirements, please be specific. If you just want some birch twigs, you don't need to buy a pimp or a broom; just ask for some birch twigs! :)

Most coppicing takes place between Oct-Mar. If your order is large or very specific, please be aware there may be some lead time.